Expert Witness

An expert data forensics witness acts as a trial authority in data forensics

Retain an Expert Witness

If you have a trial coming up and you need an expert witness to testify concerning electronic evidence, we can provide that service. Leon Mare has extensive trial experience and can act as a digital forensics expert witness.

An expert witness lends strong evidentiary weight to a trial. The reports provided by an expert data forensics witness help cut through the morass of “he said, she said” circumstantial or hearsay evidence, providing a verifiable source of true interactions and behaviors. This evidence, when presented by an authority who can provide a detailed explanation of proper methods and evidence handling, can make the difference between a guilty and a not guilty verdict, depending on whose side the evidence supports.

Not only do we provide expert witness testimony, but we also prepare you with the best way to bring that evidence and testimony to light through the proper questions to be asked by your attorney. We also have the experience to deal calmly with harsh cross-examination so that you can win your case.

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leon mare expert data forensics

Leon Mare

Leon Mare has testified as a Computer, Digital and Data Forensic Expert Witness in civil and criminal cases. He is one of a small number of examiners nationwide who is licensed as a private investigator and designated to provide expert witness services in Federal and State courts. With his background in law enforcement, his expertise in computer network engineering and digital forensics and his vast experience as a Digital Forensic Expert Witness, Mr. Mare provides effective professional testimony. He has the ability to explain his findings and express the results in a clear and logical manner to the attorneys, judge and jury.

Understanding how crucial having a top notch Computer, Digital and Data Forensics Expert Witness is to his clients, Mr. Mare personally takes on the responsibility of overseeing all cases that are bound for trial and he personally provides expert witness testimony, opines on specific scenarios and authenticates digital data.

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