Data Recovery

Initial diagnostics will enable us to identify the problem with your data or device and to formulate a recovery plan

You will know what level of recovery is needed and have a range of costs to consider before you make a decision

Devices We Cover

Desktop • Hard Drives • Cell Phones • iPads & Mobile Devices • USB Drives • Digital cameras • Apple Macintosh devices •RAID drives • Servers • Memory Chips • GPS Tracking Devices • DVD’s & CD’s • External Media Devices

Data Type

Password Recovery • Deleted Text Messages•  Emails Deleted•  Files Missing Data •  Data Prior to Format • Images • Web Chats • Social Media Data • Website History • Excel, Word, PDFs & data files accounting files (i.e. QuickBooks)

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7 tips that can help you salvage your Data

  1. Do not panic or click on things you don’t understand.
  2. If you don’t know what you are doing, doing nothing is better.
  3. Be very careful downloading data recovery tools; they don’t always work and, in some cases, can do more harm.
  4. Do not turn off and on or repeatedly restart your computer.
  5. If you smell smoke or hear a clicking sound, turn off your computer immediately and unplug it from the wall.
  6. Do not connect external devices to your damaged drive; you may overwrite good data.
  7. Call the experts at (888) 355-3888 or send us a message

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