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Data is important whether it’s for litigation or safe keep, our evidence vault has a password-protected KeypadLock.

During litigation, you or your lawyer may need to store your evidence containing devices under a chain of custody in a safe place. We offer device and data storage. We forensically extract and recover data from digital devices and offer a safe way for you to have a backup or an extra copy stored under the chain of custody in our evidence vault. Data is important whether it’s for litigation or safe keep.

Our evidence vault has a password-protected KeypadLock which means only carded employees have access to this room. We often refer to our evidence vault as the “Time Capsule” because data is preserved intact. A few examples;


Pre, during and post litigation. Data storage off or on the cloud. Data is maintained in tact under chain of custody.


Defensible storage of recovered data


Life directive. You may want to leave a video, digital file or data in a safe place should you pass on. We will accept your devices or data and place them in a capsule and release it based on the instruction or your life directive to your attorney.


Devices such as cell phones, computers etc. contain precious data that may need to be preserved for trial, we will keep the device in a storage bay under chain of custody.

We are licensed as private investigators by the State of Nevada, so you know your personal or sensitive data is safe.

Expert Data Forensics

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