Digital Forensic Investigators

Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, our company is a private investigation independent firm dedicated to helping legal counsel, government, individuals, and organizations in forensic examination and recovery of electronic data. In our sophisticated digital forensics lab, we secure, analyze, recover and investigate electronic data and eDiscovery. We assist in litigation, civil matters, domestic disputes, and criminal investigations



Who We Are

Our unique experience differentiates us from other digital data forensics companies. Most digital forensic firms have been established by retired or ex-law enforcement employees who have theoretical IT knowledge. We pride ourselves in having it all, over a decade in law enforcement and combined 30 years of hands-on IT experience in Nevada. Making us experts in the field of “Digital Forensic Investigations”



Why Expert Data Forensics

We are experienced in servicing end users, business owners, and managers in their homes, offices, and server rooms. We know how law enforcement works and how end-users work in their office networking environment. This on-the-field experience, along with our theoretical knowledge and impressive collection of certifications and accreditation gives us a unique edge and an all-around view of the many angles that surround legal, civil, and corporate disasters and disputes.



Collect • Recover • Analyze • Report • eDiscover

Our unique experience differentiates us from other digital data forensic companies.