When Is It Time To Call in Digital Forensics

With the proliferation of the worlds largest network, namely the Internet, our reliance on technology has become even greater. A networked device is now intrinsic to our way of life and the role of Information Technology has expanded into almost every facet of day to day life.
The more devices the larger your fingerprint can be and your local IT Technician is now involved more so than ever in HR issues or security issues. All departments will consult with IT or a related party for instances where information needs to be found out, or evidence gathered, data recovered or even following up on a complaint.
This is where Digital Forensics comes into play: the gathering of sound digital forensic data that can be presented either in court or for internal investigations. Can anyone present digitally captured data to court? The short answer is no and the best company to go with is one with experience and the correct accreditation. Keep in mind evidence can get thrown out of court so you don’t want to gamble on a rookie so to speak.
It’s not all gloom and doom and court rooms since your Digital Forensic company also comes into play when that dreaded event occurs as it often does and that is the loss of data. Either a flash drive or a hard drive has crashed and sometimes data is erased in error. An entire Coca-Cola plant can burn down, be no real loss and rebuilt. However think about losing the hard drive with that all important recipe for the classic soda. Just a few lines of text gone and no matter how many plants you rebuild they are all ineffective. Such is the value of data in 2019.
Forensic data can be held on many devices across the spectrum ranging from mobile phones to CCTV systems to email servers. Who did what? When did it happen? Can we achieve non-repudiation? What was the data on that device ? All these questions can potentially be answered in Digital Forensics.

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