How a Cell Phone or PDA Can Help Crack Your Next Case
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How a Cell Phone or PDA Can Help Crack Your Next Case

December- January 2009

Through the growth of technology, we have seen an unending evolution of how we’re able to store information.  Just about anything can be done using something as small as a cell phone or PDA, such as browsing the internet, sending/receiving emails and text messages, syncing applications between the device and computers and so on.

How a Cell Phone or PDA Can Help Crack Your Next Case

Now, in knowing how much valuable data is being stored on PDAs and cell phones, you can only imagine how important it is for attorneys to retrieve evidence that can help win their case. With the use of cell phone and PDA forensics, this can easily be done. Not many people know how much of their daily lives is being stored on these devices and if all attorneys were able to gain access, it could help to open and close cases fairly quickly.

Some of the types of data that are retrievable from mobile devices include:

● Multimedia files  (sounds, images, videos)            

● Messages (texts, chat, twitter, MMS, SMS)        

● E-mails

● Browsing history


● Routing tables

● Boot sequences

● Logged files (phone calls, networks, applications)

 New functions are also always being developed for media devices, so it’s very important that your expert is able to keep up with the industry. With an eForensics Expert assistance, this is made simple

Why Should I Hire an     eForensics Expert?

Obtaining data from mobile devices can be difficult, but with the use of an eForensics Expert, saved and unsaved deleted data can be captured — even if the mobile device was damaged. eForensic Experts are even able to retrieve data from sim cards independent of its mobile device. Getting this information yourself is nearly impossible without the proper equipment and knowledge. No matter what area of the law you’re in, using this service could be very beneficial to you.

How eForensic Specialists Can Help You

Let’s say you’re about to enter into a battle in the divorce court involving an infidelity case. (con’t)

If you’re client is trying to prove their spouse was an adulterer, getting certain details from their mobile devices can help. For instance, text messages to the “lover” of the spouse can be found even if they were erased — he/she thought she got rid of the evidence, but they weren’t able to get rid of it for good!

Then there’s the case where the boss is trying to catch employees who move away with company smartphones that have confidential information or client lists.
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