Computer Forensics Investigator Leon Mare Interviewed by Fox 5

A growing number in the type of cases we get are ones that involve stalking/hacking and invasion of privacy or intrusion. The media is attacking this concern from various angles. We were proud to have the founder of our company Adrian Leon Mare recently interviewed as an expert computer investigator on Fox 5 news Las Vegas.

The typical cases we get involve ex-husbands/boyfriends and cell phone or cyber stalking. Another expert in cell phone bugging Private Investigator Wilcox said it is unknown how many phones are bugged, a felony in the U.S. punishable by fines and up to five years in federal prison. He added that victims can also sue for damages.

Warning signs your cell phone has been hacked

    Your phone feels warm when it hasn’t been used in awhile
    Battery drains quickly when not in use
    Your screen flashes on and off briefly by no action of your own.

If you suspect that spyware has been installed on your cell phone and you recall that your phone was temporarily not in your immediate possession get it checked. You should always go to a licensed investigator who has the training, license and the computer investigator experience to handle personal information.

See the full story and video on Fox 5 Las Vegas.Computer Forensics Investigator Leon Mare Interviewed by Fox 5