Strategic Alliance Program

Expert Data Forensics (EDF) Strategic Alliance Program (SAP)

Detailed Outline

Our Goal:

We are aggressively expanding our business operations by setting up new Forensic Recovery & Analysis Centers around the states. We want to work closely with other industry related companies who would like to become authorized “SAP Representatives”.

Who qualifies to be an authorized SAP Representative?

A company/individual who matches the criteria of “Related Industry”
A company/individual who has an existing/established customer base that can benefit from our services
A company/individual who wants to seamlessly add our services to their existing service list as a unique selling point and added value to their clients.

A company who wishes to create a new source of passive income

Examples of desired SAP Representative Industries

  Data Recovery Service Providers
  Legal Support Services
  Legal Industry Software Developers
  Information Technology & Networking Companies in all fields of IT
  Private Investigators & Detective Services
  Firms providing professional services to Attorneys, Accountants, Medical and to the Insurance fields
  Business Consultants
  Business Brokers

What are the Services?

  Data Forensic Recovery
  Data Forensic Analysis

What makes our company uniquely different from the rest?

Most computer forensic firms have been established by retired or ex-law enforcement employees who have theoretical IT knowledge. Not only does our founder have over a decade of experience in law enforcement; we also have over a decade experience in real-life IT, corporate, residential on-the-field-experience.

We are experienced at servicing end users, business owners and managers in their homes, offices and server rooms. We know from the inside how law enforcement works and how end-users or corporate users work.

This on-the-field experience, along with our theoretical knowledge and an impressive collection of certifications and accreditations, gives us a unique edge and an all around view, of the many angles that surround legal, civil and corporate disputes involving technology, eCrime and electronic evidence.

We carry the following accreditations EnCase, FTK, MCSE, MCP, MCP+I, WLANFE, WLANSE, MCSA, NT-CIP, MCSE+I, NT4 & 2000 and Exchange 5.5 & 2000. In the field of Information Technology, we have Microsoft certifications making us experts in various Microsoft products. The Cisco certifications and training enable us to professionally assess the various networking and wireless equipment located in businesses and homes. Not only do we know how to configure and install them, we know the issues associated with different models and patches equipment pieces because we have physically worked with , configured  and maintained them for years.

We are also licensed by the Nevada State Board of Private Investigators, a division of the Attorney General’s Office License #1498; this gives us the ability to legally investigate personal data by complying and upholding the strict conduct and regulations imposed by the board of licensees.

In summary, our uniqueness and the benefit of hiring Expert Data Forensics, allows our customers to get a complete view of the electronic evidence.

We are available most days and nights for emergency callouts involving seizures and chain of custody. We can travel to you in all states and most countries.

We can pick up evidence and transport it safely or we can have it shipped via courier.

There are two forms of Alliances:

    Retained Case
    Referred Case

1.1        Retained Case is one where a SAP Representative subs out the required service to EDF but retained the client and the billing.

1.2        Referred Case is one where a SAP Representative refers out the service to EDF and EDF retains the client and the billing.

What are the Benefits?

  • Generous passive recurring income requiring little effort on agent’s part. Although, the more effort put in, the better the results
  • Enhancing your offering by providing your customer with access to additional services currently not offered by your company
  • There is no cost for you to become an authorized “SAP Representative”
  • You receive marketing material and information at no additional cost
  • You receive support and assistance at no additional cost
  • You receive training to better understand our area of expertise, our philosophy and the services that we offer
  • You get added to our list of Preferred Vendors, which are vendors who get priority consideration
  • A link on our Strategic Alliance Page
  • A graphical seal to place on your website
  • Exclusivity by zip code for early bird registrants will be considered (some requirements apply).

For more information contact us.  Or call now 888-355-3888 ext 802 to receive your application form and additional information.