Press Release July 2014

Forensic DataTRACK – Unleashing Weapon against Cyber Crime in the Work Place

July 18, 2014
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Las Vegas digital forensics firm releases new weapon in fight against digital security breaches

LAS VEGAS – Expert Data Forensics, a Las Vegas firm specializing in digital forensics, is staying ahead of the ever-increasing threat of cybercrime in the workplace.
The company recently rolled out its FORENSIC DataTRACK™ service, which gives companies a fighting chance of protecting proprietary information in a digital world.
“In our digital age the thieves are not wearing gloves and masks and breaking into our offices in the middle of the night,” said Expert Data Forensics President Leon Mare. “They are hacking into networks from the comfort of their own homes and constantly probing for weaknesses in our systems. Even worse, the thieves are often sitting in our offices taking valuable data out the door with the ease of a download onto a flash drive,” he added.
Mare said FORENSIC DataTRACK™ is a service that gives companies an option to be proactive and forensically document any data breaches. He said the information obtained from the service can help companies protect trade secrets, monitor employees who handle sensitive materials and develop forensic evidence should the need arise in a legal proceeding.
“This becomes a critical issue when companies are planning major product launches, mergers and acquisitions or any other sensitive initiatives,” he said.
The FORENSIC DataTRACK™ service includes a quarterly onsite (or remote access) visit by a trained forensic analyst, a forensic study of network infrastructure and an assessment of online activity and data network integrity.
The company’s forensics report includes information on network intrusions, employee online behavior, images downloaded, peer-to-peer communication, internet searches, browsing history and a list of applications installed.
Cybercrimes continue to escalate as a major threat to global business and industry. The Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C. puts the annual global cost of digital crime and intellectual property theft at $445 billion.
Kaspersky, a Russian-based cyber security solutions provider, recently surveyed top multinational firms and found that 33 percent of businesses had lost data in cyber-attacks, with valuable payment data being the chief target.
Based in Las Vegas, Expert Data Forensics (License #1498) (EDF) specializes in providing digital investigations, forensic digital imaging, data recovery and expert witness services in civil, criminal and domestic cases. EDF houses a forensic digital laboratory. For more information visit the company website at (License#1498).