12 Jun 2019

When Is It Time To Call in Digital Forensics

With the proliferation of the worlds largest network, namely the Internet, our reliance on technology has become even greater. A networked device is now intrinsic to our way of life and the role of Information Technology has expanded into almost every facet of day to day life. The more devices the larger your fingerprint can […]

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01 Feb 2017

New 2017 Federal Rule of Evidence Expected to Significantly Influence E-Discovery Best Practices

As our society continues to trend towards a greater technological and electronic dependence, attorneys can expect to see a rise in the prevalence and importance of electronic data as evidence. Slated to go into effect on December 1, 2017, a new amendment to Federal Rule of Evidence 902 will have strong implications on the importance […]

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28 Mar 2016

7 Things About Social Media as Evidence

7 Things About Social Media as Evidence 1. Public or Private? When a “Facebook” account is created, the user agrees that their personal information would be shared with others. Once the information is made public it can be copied, tagged, and distributed. When a person creates a social media account for themselves they are, in a sense, a self-created […]

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14 Feb 2015

Love Bytes 2015

Love Bytes 3 Tech Tips for Couples Advice from Digital Forensic Investigators Valentine’s Day is an extremely popular day to celebrate your love with a proposal. An American Express survey found that 6 million couples are likely to get engaged on February 14th. Before you pop open the champagne bottle and FaceTime your Mom, take a […]

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29 Jul 2014

Press Release July 2014

Forensic DataTRACK – Unleashing Weapon against Cyber Crime in the Work Place PRESS RELEASE July 18, 2014 For immediate release Contact: Eliya Azoulay (888) 335-3888, ext. 119 Las Vegas digital forensics firm releases new weapon in fight against digital security breaches

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13 Jul 2014

Supreme Court and Search Warrants

Supreme Court says police may not generally search the cellphones of people they arrest without first getting search warrants. I have been asked about my opinion re; Law Enforcement Requiring Search Warrants to examine digital evidence… so here is my 2 cents…

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20 Feb 2014

Expert analyzes video of Sands Corp. hack

Interview with Digital Forensic Expert Investigator, Leon Mare of Expert Data Forensics  Expert analyzes video of Sands Corp. hack Posted: Feb 18, 2014 10:25 PM PST Updated: Feb 19, 2014 7:56 AM PST Written by Ashley Conroy – bio | email Leon Mare, an investigator with Expert Data Forensics, was shocked to see the level of information to which the […]

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29 Oct 2013

Press Release October 2009

Computer Data Forensics Specialists offer New Name and Release Monthly Newsletter By Expert Data Forensics Dated: October 1st, 2009 The Only Private Investigator Licensed Computer Firm in the state of Nevada Las Vegas – After being granted a private investigators license, the Vegas IT Techs computer firm has changed its focus and is now concentrating […]

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11 Feb 2013

Computer Forensics Investigator Leon Mare Interviewed by Fox 5

A growing number in the type of cases we get are ones that involve stalking/hacking and invasion of privacy or intrusion. The media is attacking this concern from various angles. We were proud to have the founder of our company Adrian Leon Mare recently interviewed as an expert computer investigator on Fox 5 news Las […]

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11 Feb 2013

Computer Forensics and Family Law Tel: 888-355-3888 eForensic Focus COMPUTER FORENSICS AND FAMILY LAW The use of a Computer Forensics Expert can be extremely effective in building and collating evidence in family law matters such as:   divorce cases with larger estates, complicated businesses, real estate holdings or cases with multi-jurisdictional assets, proving/disproving parental competence or harassment.  Most cases of […]

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