Revolutionary Pricing Structure - eDiscovery Simplified Legal Review and Processing by Forensic Lab

Quick Review, Search Tag, Bates, Redact. Produce!

New product delivers the speed of a desktop experience with the flexibility of go-anywhere cloud technology.

The data is handled in a forensic lab, so you have experienced, professional forensic team maintaining custodianship of the data at all times and for less.

You don’t need a middleman, you don’t need the big corporations that charge processing, ingestion, BATES, OCR fees. What you need is one company to handle your trial or litigation needs, quickly and inexpensively.

From data collection to testimony. You only need 1 vendor for all your data and ESI litigation needs.

In partnership with a leading provider of integrated digital forensics and e-discovery software, Expert Data forensics now provides a fast and flexible legal review tool for law firms, service providers, corporations, and government organizations that want legal review at a lower cost, with minimal IT management or burden to infrastructure. Our solution gives reviewers a simple and intuitive interface with basic review functionality while providing litigation support teams a way to get evidence processed and ready for review quickly. Cut the complexity and the expensive tools. A flexible desktop client, delivered in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, fully managed and built with the power of AWS.

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Service Features


Maximize review time and output with a full complement of tools designed to simplify and streamline the most critical review tasks:

Examine documents on- or offline and easily sync changes

Review large files and multimedia without the wait

Allow multiple reviewers to work simultaneously

Sort and categorize by timestamp

Use geolocation data to aid your review

View nearly any data type—from spreadsheets and PDFs to photos, texts, emails, chat app conversations, and more—in native or near-native format

Customize the interface to your preferences

See documents in chronological order within a timeline view

Easily scan images in a thumbnail view

Leverage predefined viewers for web, video, filtered text, or OCR text

Forensically review pictures and videos

Work on multiple cases at once with speed

Find relevant content faster with robust search capabilities, including keyword search, advanced search; search within a category or filtered data set, or search by or within folders

Tag, label, filter, and bookmark

Easily review, search, tag, and code items in a standard UFDR and other mobile extraction files

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